Wife of Fort Drum soldier still in fight for life as doctors monitor cancer cells in twin girls

<font size="2">Family and friends surrounding Jenna Hinman</font>

The wife of a Fort Drum solder continues to fight for her life.

26-year-old Jenna Hinman is battling a rare pregnancy-related cancer. She was taken out of a medically-induced coma on Wednesday, and now doctors are still trying to wean her off the sedatives.

On the Prayers for Jenna Facebook page, we have learned doctors are now monitoring cancer cells in her twin girls. When the babies were initially tested, they had hundreds of cancer cells in their bodies that were passed along. The number of cancer cells have dropped and doctors are monitoring them.

We first introduced you to Jenna's story earlier this month. She was taken in for an emergency c-section after she went into labor at just 30 weeks. After her babies were delivered, doctors learned Jenna had Choriocarcinoma that forms in the placenta. They put her in a medically induced coma. Doctors hope to get her fully awake as she continues to receive chemotherapy.

The family has set up a fundraiser on the GoFundMe website for "The Hinman Fund" to raise money for the family's medical expenses.