Will a winter storm affect your holiday weekend travel?

Devastating weather across the western states stretching from California to Nevada to Arizona is part of the same weather system that could severely impact travel for the end of the holiday weekend for parts of the country. Will your travel plans be affected? Since Monday, I have been telling you on-air and online that we would need to track this storm as it moves northeast as a stronger nor TMeaster for later in the weekend. Will central New York get hit with heavy snow? Will travel be impacted anywhere in the northeast United States, mid-Atlantic, or southeastern Canada? Here is the latest information:

As of midday Thursday, I still think that the worst weather will occur closer to the Atlantic seaboard. While some light snow showers and flurries are still likely for the immediate central New York area Sunday night and Monday due to a combination of an upper level weather system and some lake enhanced moisture, the most severe winter weather conditions still appear more likely to occur roughly along or east of the I-95 corridor and points east to the Atlantic coast from New Jersey and New York City and points northeast through Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Click right here for a map of highest impact from this nor TMeaster for Sunday through Monday. I have shifted some the heaviest snow of 12" or more offshore. However, these heavier bands of snow will not be far away so stay tuned!

Since this is an important holiday weekend, travel will likely be affected and possibly disrupted if you are flying through the major airports of LaGuardia, Kennedy, Newark, Boston-Logan, and Portland, Maine. In addition, western Nova Scotia and western New Brunswick Canada would likely be in the cross-hairs of heavier snow in southeastern Canada, while Newfoundland will likely see a combination of snow, rain and strong winds. Driving home in any of these locations may be tough at best during the end of the holiday weekend through Monday. If you are travelling via plane or car to or through any of these destinations this weekend, you should keep up to date with the progression, development, timing, and strength of this potential nor TMeaster. Since the actual nor TMeaster has not formed yet, the track and timing of this impending storm is not set in stone. Stay tuned on-air and online to my latest forecast through the holiday weekend.

Are you travelling into or through any of these destination during the holiday weekend? Do you have any relatives or friends that could be affected by this storm? Tell us with comments at the bottom of this web story and with pictures by sharing them at MyCNYcentral. We will be able to show them on air and online.

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