Will automatic federal spending cuts impact Hancock Airport?

When automatic spending cuts go into effect, future flights out of Hancock Airport could be delayed.

For now, Syracuse Aviation Commissioner, Christina Callahan, says it is business as usual at Hancock Airport as the federal government faces $485 million in automatic budget cuts.


Federal Aviation Administration

(FAA) is looking at, possibly, eliminating overnight shifts at the air traffic control tower at Hancock and furloughs for tens of thousands of workers as preparations to reduce its expenditures by about $600 million this year.

Callahan says she has been in contact with representatives from the FAA and the TSA but has not heard of any disruptions in service so far.

Callahan says she will stay in communication with the airports federal partners if there are developments.

As always, Callahan says, travelers should arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their flight is scheduled to take off.