Will impending layoffs at American Airlines impact Central New Yorkers?

MaryJo Gruhlkey flies in and out of Hancock Airport often to visit her family in Rome.

"I have family that often fly and I think there will be a scramble for seats. I really do. Let's just hope everybody gets to go where they're going," says Gruhlkey.

Since American flies out of Syracuse, it's travelers like Gruhlkey who could be affected by the airline's impending layoffs. By Christmas time, more than 800 workers at JFK will be out of a job. AAA travel agent Jennine Lombardi says its too early to tell how this will impact Central New Yorkers.

"It's really too early to tell what the impact will be but it is a major hub and system wide fleet will be impacted but to what extent we really don't know," says Lombardi.

But there are a few simple travel tips to keep in mind when you book a flight.

"It's always good to have travel insurance for the unforseen reasons and I would just tell people to make sure they monitor their flights because what we feel is going to happen is we won't know there are cancellations until the last minute," says Lombardi.

At Hancock Airport in Syracuse, travelers like Donald Degraffenried say whether they're flying Jet Blue, United, or American, nobody likes to hear about layoffs during the holiday season.

"It's a little discouraging because I was keeping my fingers crossed that the economy was coming back. Hopefully it's not catastrophic. I do fly one of their competitors so I'm less immediately worried about my travel plans but I hate to see so many people lose their jobs," says Degraffenried.

What we do know, American Airlines plans to cut 1-2% of its flights this fall. It's unclear though whether any of those will be out of Hancock.