Will new technology help prevent another deadly crash on the Onondaga Lake Parkway?

New technology is coming to the Onondaga Lake Parkway that could finally help put an end to vehicles slamming into the low railroad bridge.

The New York State Department of Transportation has started to install an over-height detection system near the bridge. A laser will be mounted on opposites sides of Route 370 and two vehicle presence detectors will be placed on the road itself.

If the height of a vehicle breaks the laser beam while passing over the pavement detector, a message will flash on signs to warn the driver to stop before reaching the CSX bridge. The system will also alert the 911 center so law enforcement can help the driver turn around.

Because of the installation, there may be some short term lane closures. The system is expected to be ready by the fall.

There have been a number of accidents involving over-height vehicles hitting the bridge. Most notably is the Megabus crash that killed four people. The bus driver is facing homicide charges.

The State DOT has gone as far as suggesting banning trucks from using the Onondaga Lake Parkway all together.

What do you think? Will the new technology work? If a truck is too tall and the driver sees the warning message, will it force them to stop?