Will record heat keep you inside this weekend?

Sweltering heat and humidity had some people at the Skaneateles Curbside Festival moving a little slower between the tents but it wasn't stopping them.

"I think it's really just about relaxing. It's about not doing too much in the heat, not staying in the sun. That's a big thing. That's a killer," said Colleen Stapleton as she sat outside the Fleur De Lis Florist shop.

For some vendors, even a little break from the sun was enough.

Jeremy Randall drew a crowd as he molded clay into pottery right on the sidewalk but Randall said working with clay can be hard, hot work. .

"The trick is to not go into the AC," said Randall. "Then you don't know how hot it is."

Just down the road Daniella Erbes and her Mother were raising money for the SPCA. Daniella may be young but she's got a bright future in marketing. Free, ice cold lemonade was bringing in a lot of potential donors.

"For the next two days we'll keep the ice coming and mixing up the lemonade at home and I think tomorrow we're going to double what we have," said her mother, Petra Erbes.

For some people the heat was just too much and they needed a way to cool down. Luckily, Skaneateles Lake has public swimming until 6:30 most nights.

The Curbstone Festival runs through Saturday and there are plenty of indoor, air conditioned shops and restaurants participating as well.

Will the record setting heat keep you inside this weekend or will you enjoy some outdoor activities?