William LeVea's application for medical release denied

The family of Christopher Spack speaks in court.

William LeVeaâ??s application for early release from prison was denied Tuesday morning.

The 83-year-old LeVea is serving six to 18 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide in the death of Christopher Spack in 2009.

LeVea has a terminal illness, and applied for early release, an application that was denied Tuesday morning in court.

Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann says "Our office joins the family of Christopher Spack, Bradley Leyburn, Patrick Walton and all of the other victims and families of victims of William LeVea's violent history, in thanking the public for the overwhelming show of support that helped defeat this defendant's application for early release. While the majority of Medical Parole applications are approved, we are gratified that the Parole Board considered all of the facts and agreed that this defendant was not deserving of early release."

"The public won the battle and will remain safe for now," DA Budelmann says.

LeVea is due for a regular parole hearing next summer.

Christopher Spackâ??s family says that they are â??relievedâ?? that LeVea will stay in prison.

"When he (LeVea) dies in prison that will be the best feeling," Christopher Spack's brother says.

"This is what we hoped would happen," says Christopher Spack's mother, Lenore Ellis. "For him to get out of prison after the horrific way my son died, I don't know how we could have coped with that."

LeVea was convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide and DWI in March 2011 for causing the March 2009 crash that killed Christopher Spack. LeVea repeatedly rammed Spack's vehicle, sending it into a spinning into another vehicle, driven by Bradley Leyburn, who was seriously injured in the crash. Leyburn's passenger, 16-year-old Patrick Walton, escaped serious injury.