Willow tree worrying Liverpool's Galeville neighborhood

It dwarfs other trees, houses, cars and the people that live near it on Cullen Street. Its long branches sway back and forth in the wind, cascading over not only its own lawn but neighboring driveways and the roadway as well. It might just be a willow tree, but its a major worry for those who live close by.

"I don't want to have any kids over here," Colleen Hall, who's known as the "Grandmother" of the neighborhood, says. "I'm afraid...I have to keep them safe."

Normally, Hall has seven or eight kids jumping on her trampoline or playing in her yard, but she fears the branches from the willow tree next door that hang near her property might fall without warning, which she says already happened last Saturday when a branch fell on some power lines, causing National Grid crews to work for hours to restore power to some of the homes in the area.

Because her neighbors with willow tree rent the property, Hall wrote the landlord last October, asking to get the tree cut down. She included a tree expert's, Treelanders, diagnosis, saying the tree was unhealthy and that it would cost $1200 to be removed.

CNY Central spoke to the landlord over the phone, who said he spoke to some experts after the limb fell last Saturday, who said the tree was in fine condition. He says he is not going to cut it down.

Hall has also written to the Town of Salina, who say they cannot do anything to the tree because it is not close enough to the roadway, but that they will look into its affect on the power lines.

"Certainly I'm going to reach out to National Grid tomorrow," Town of Salina supervisor Mark Nicotra, says. "Certainly it's near a power line, and that was kind of the issue that it fell on the powerline, we want to see if there's something they can help out on and certainly were looking through some other options to see how we can help this resident out."

At this point, it is not clear whether or not Hall and her neighbors will get the solution they want of the tree being cut down, but she says she will continue to try and ensure the safety of her family and friends in her neighborhood.