Winning numbers drawn for $320 million Powerball jackpot

The $320 million dollar Powerball Jackpot numbers were drawn on Wednesday night. They were 56, 27, 46, 6, 51 and a Powerball number of 21.

Lottery retailers were busy all day with people looking to get tickets for themselves or friends. many were casual players who say they only buy a ticket when jackpots go into the hundreds of millions.

Yet, how much of a chance does a person really have at winning the lottery? Candice Dance and Michael Oppedisano, math professors at OCC, say a person who buys one

lottery ticket has a 0.00000057 percent chance of actually winning the jackpot. Many think that there's a difference between a Quick Pick and picking themselves, but Oppedisano says the chance remains the same.

"Whether you do a Quick Pick or you are choosing numbers that are clustered together, it doesn't matter what you pick," Oppedisano says. "The probability is the same for every combination."

Dance says that even if one person won and attained all of that money, it wouldn't be easy for them to handle it.

"If you spend $1000 an hour it would take you 23 years to spend that money," Dance says. "That means spending $1000 an hour without sleeping, no eating, just spending money."

Central New Yorkers still came out in droves to Rocky's Newsstand, where they all had ideas of what they would do with the money.

"I would probably give a lot to charity, animal rescue, hospitals, children's hospitals," John Stevens, a Jamesville resident says.

Susan Badgette lives in Florida, but while visiting Syracuse she made sure to stop at Rocky's Newsstand, because she actually heard that winning tickets had been sold there in the past. When it came to winning the lottery, she also wanted to help people.

"I'd obviously give all of my family money and donate money to charity and schools," Badgette says. But, she did admit, if she had some money left over, she'd do something for herself. "I'd get a 1969 Supersport Chevy Nova, orange of course, for the Syracuse Orange."

With the math in mind, her chances are slim, but she will be one of the many gripping their tickets as the numbers are announced tonight.