Winter break project: Spring cleaning

The mild weather, and the fact that kids are out of school and could use something to do, is enough of a reason for some Central New Yorkers to get an early start on spring cleaning.

At the Rescue Mission store in Westvale, we saw a steady stream of people dropping off bags of clothes and more.

Rescue Mission Donations Coordinator Jeannine Goodrich says they'll take all kinds of clothes, including winter and summer items. They prefer 'gently used,' and in good condition, but will even take items that you'd use for rags, which will be recycled.
She says they'll take old shoes, accessories and household items as well, from small appliances to furniture to big items like stoves and refrigerators, as long as they're in working order. They'll even pick up, if you go to their website

For the donor, it's a triple win: getting rid of what you don't want, getting a tax writeoff, and helping the needy in our community. Serving a meal costs the Rescue Mission $2.24, so Goodrich says that even an item that sells for $6.99 can provide three meals.

Not everything can be donated, but there are other options besides the trash:

OCRRA--Onondaga County's Resource Recovery Agency--can help you recycle more than what you put in a blue bin:

The best bet is to check the OCRRA website , where you can see a list of what can be disposed of, by inputting the item you're getting rid of. They take old lightbulbs (different places, depending on the type), old smoke detectors, household and garden toxics and more.

AND - if you have not taken down your outdoor Christmas lights yet, this week will be perfect. The Rescue Mission will take old decorations, in working order. If you have burned out light strings, check the website for how to dispose of them, too

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