Winter weather arrives in Northern New York

The temperatures were in the twenties and an icy wind was blowing in their faces but Nathan and Brayton Gould volunteered to shovel the sidewalk. Lena Gould was suspicious of what her sons were up to until she realized they wanted the use the snow to make a ramp for their sleds in the backyard.

"They couldn't wait to get outside, so they're busy shoveling away," said Gould.

The north country is seeing it's first real snow of the season. Scott Beattie bought a brand new Kubota tractor last year and can't believe it sat idle all through November and December.

"Very, very strange. Seems to me that the seasons are changing. Everything is headed south," said Beattie.

A lot of people have been waiting a long time for some real snow to arrive. The Eaton family in Mannsville spent the morning building a makeshift luge track in their back yard and took turns sliding down it.

The sleds were prepped last night but the kids have been waiting since last fall.

The track was a big hit with the kids - but the idea came from mom and dad.

"It helps you remember what it was like when you were a little kid and sliding with them and playing with them . It's a lot of fun," said Andrea Eaton.