Winter weather taking a toll on Central New York

Some call it winter, some call it the polar vortex is all the rage - but descriptions don't matter. This has been a brutally cold winter in Central New York and across much of the northeast, Midwest and south.

As John Vereen walked though Franklin Square in Syracuse today, he admitted that three months of seemingly never ending ice and snow have taken a toll on him.

"Seems like you have to burn more energy just to do it with this stuff," said Vereen.

The National Weather Service believes much of the northeast could see record lows for the month of March. Washington D.C. hasn't been this cold since 1873. Technically spring starts in two weeks but many people are planning on keeping coats, gloves and hats around until May just to be safe.

"I hate coming outside but I have to everyday so I deal with it," said Derek Espinal as he walked through downtown Syracuse.

Staying warm could be a state of mind. Jose Morales is grateful for his wife, job and home in Central New York - and has a Zen-like state of mind we could all benefit from.

"I can't change winter so I accept it. I love winter!" said Morales.