Witnesses say woman stabbed boyfriend in leg in Ithaca's Jungle

Jill Kaufman, Ithaca, is charged with assault, accused of stabbing her boyfriend in an area known as The Jungle.

An Ithaca woman faces assault charges, accused of stabbing her boyfriend.

Ithaca Police say Jill Kaufman was arguing with her boyfriend, last Saturday, in The Jungle. The Jungle is a wooded area around Fulton, Cecil A. Malone, and Brindley Streets. It's known as a place where homeless people gather.

Police were initially called to the area on a report of a robbery.

Though the couple told police a different story, witnesses say Kaufman stabbed her boyfriend in the leg during the course of their fight.

She was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, charged with assault. Kaufman was arraigned in Ithaca City Court and released to the supervision of the Tompkins County Probation Department.

The victim, meanwhile, was taken to the hospital to be treated for his wound.