Woman accused of exploiting child's illness for personal gain

Lilith Towers

Investigators in Cortland County say a woman may be exploiting a child's illness for personal gain.

The Sheriff's Department says it is investigating a possible fraud involving a Benefit Jamboree. There is an event scheduled for Sunday, May 20th, at the Spafford Fire House. Proceeds from the Jamboree will help cover medical costs for a young girl named Lilith Towers, who was born with a heart condition. The family says she has already had one costly surgery and needs at least two more.

Deputies are looking into a case after a woman has reportedly been going to businesses in the Cortlandville and Homer saying the girl died. The woman has tried to get money and donations to pay for a funeral. The woman is described as a white female in her mid-twenties. The little girls family says as soon as they heard about the possible fraud, they contacted police.

"I thought it was sick to tell you the truth because who would do that to a little baby?" said Lilith's Great Grandmother Rose Clark.

Clark says she hopes police catch whoever is behind the possible fraud. She says she's a bit worried people will think the whole benefit is a scam. "I think a lot of them are going to think someone is trying to pull a fast one," she said.

But investigators stress there is an actual fundraiser on Sunday, however it is for medical expenses, not funeral services. The family is hoping the community will come out to support their little girl on Sunday from noon to 6 PM at the Stafford Fire House on Route 41.

The Sheriff's Department is asking anyone with information on the woman to call Officer Billings at (607) 753-3311.