Woman accused of faking cancer faces judge, former friends

Brigid Corcoran

Brigid Corcoran stood silently in Cicero Town Court as a judge read her two felony counts of Grand Larceny and Scheme to Defraud. Police say Corcoran faked having non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of cancer, and even shaved her head to fool people.

A July benefit held for her at Damon's Banquet Hall in Cicero raised $2,800.

Corcoran did not have an attorney with her for her court appearance and the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. After court, former friends Lisa Smith and Michelle Levandowski tried to get Brigid Corcoran's attention and asked her brother, Brendan Corcoran, why she didn't apologize to them.

Brendan Corcoran apologized for his sister's actions and said his family would have stopped the benefit if they had known about it. He also said he did not know what had happened to the money but told Smith and Levandowski he will try to get it paid back.

"I'm going to do whatever I can to make this right and better," said Brendan Corcoran. "I'm going to do whatever I can to get my sister help."

Brendan Corcoran also said he believes his sister needs psychiatric help.

"She's been in to try and see people. She has an appointment to get psychiatric help," said Corcoran.

Former friend Michelle Levandowski said recent deaths in her family from cancer made Brigid Corcoran's alleged fraud even more difficult to deal with.

"She lied right to my face through everything I've been through this year," said Levandowski. "She lied right to my face knowing my family was dying of cancer. My aunt died of cancer the day she was arrested and my aunt even bought raffle tickets for her stupid benefit."

Another former friend, Lisa Smith, thought she wanted an apology but after seeing Corcoran leave court she wasn't sure that would help.

"I don't think I can accept an apology at this time," said Smith "The satisfaction of seeing her in handcuffs."

Bridgid Corcoran was assigned an attorney and she is scheduled to be back in Cicero Town Court on September 21st.