Woman accuses Jefferson County Undersheriff of sexual harassment

An Adams Center woman who has spent time in prison for participating in a shoplifting ring is now accusing Jefferson County Undersheriff Andrew Neff of sexual harassment, according to the Watertown Times.

Michelle R. Bowens, 42, claims that the undersheriff sent her inappropriate photos of himself to her and that she plans to file a federal lawsuit. The lawsuit has not yet been filed.

According to the Watertown Times, Bowens was convicted in 2007 of grand larceny for participating in a shoplifting ring and was released in September 2008.

In October, Bowens was indicted for allegedly using fake names to get refunds from a McDonaldâ??s restaurant. The charges are still pending.

When the indictment appeared in the paper, Bowens claims that the undersheriff texted her and offered that in exchange for sexual favors her would intercede with the district attorneyâ??s office, according to the Watertown Times. Later that day, Bowens claims the undersheriff sent her sexually explicit photographs of himself. Bowens claims it was the first time the two had spoken after they were involved in a relationship years ago.

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