Woman makes plea deal after sex on picnic table

A married 41-year-old western New York woman charged with adultery after police said she had sex in public has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of public lewdness.

Suzanne Corona of Batavia accepted the plea deal Wednesday in city court in her hometown, midway between Buffalo and Rochester. According to WHAM-TV in Rochester, she says she will continue to fight New York's adultery laws even though her charge was dismissed.

The rare charge of adultery was filed by Genesee County prosecutors after police say she had public sex on June 4 with man who wasn't her husband. Authorities say the sex act occurred on a picnic table at a park in full view of several adults with children.

Corona faces a fine and possibly probation but no jail time when sentenced Oct. 20.

The man arrested, 29-year-old Justin Amend of Oakfield, has pleaded guilty to public lewdness.

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