Woman missing from Oneida and her son have sued government multiple times


he two key players in the missing woman case of the missing 83 year old woman in Oneida have been involved in multiple lawsuits against government in New York State over the last three years. Each of the three lawsuits were filed without the assistance of an attorney by Tomas and Margaret Zavalidrogas. The mother and son team have accused various levels of government officials of harassing them.

In one of the lawsuits they demand a one million dollar payment because they claim they were harmed by New York's passage of the Marriage Equality Act. In the claim filed with the U.S. District Court of the Northern District in 2011 the Zavalidrogas state: "the Plaintiffs contend that these disparities can be explained by an oligarchical and dictatorial culture existing with the aformentioned "gay marriage confederacy" which has unconstitutionally foisted its demented social programs upon an invariably unwilling populace."

One of the other lawsuits filed in 2011 relates to a property dispute over a pond and accusations of malpractice by an attorney the family hired to represent them.

The other lawsuit was also filed in 2011 and started with Tomas Zavalidrogas claiming harassment while passing out political flyers in the Oneida County community of Camden. It ultimately involves the Oneida County Sheriff and Faxton-St. Luke's Hospital.

Courts in all three cases of dismissed the claims. In many instances the court records show the Zavalidrogas have not been available for key hearings and have changed contact information without informing the court. Both mother and son admit in court to income well below the poverty level.

The family has used its right to appeal to keep them moving forward. The most recent appeal of one of the cases was filed this week.