Women more worried about aging than men

Many people worry about getting older. In fact, aging is a concern for many Americans. A new survey finds men seem to have an easier time dealing with it than women, according to a Reuters report.

The article cites a national poll of 2,000 U.S. adults, which found nearly 90 percent of people think women are under more pressure to look younger than men. Men are also considered old about five years later than woman, and sexier at an older age.

The report finds while gray hair was thought to make men look distinguished, on women it was associated with being old. And the age when women were thought to be the most attractive was 30, compared with 34 for men.

Forty-two percent of women aged 50-59 years old said they felt they needed to look young to be successful at work, nearly double the number of men.

Five percent of people questioned said they've had plastic surgery or injections like Botox to fight the signs of aging. Forty-two percent of women and 18 percent of men said they would consider it in the future. One in three people who have had injections or plastic surgery have kept it a secret.

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