Women plot to hide evidence from burglaries spanning six counties

Nancy Stewart and Tanya Stisi

An investigation by state police has revealed a plot to get rid of evidence from burglaries spanning six counties.

State police arrested Nancy Stewart of Westmoreland on April 3 after stolen property was found in her pawn shop in the City of Utica. A victim of a February burglary identified the stolen property as their own. Further investigation revealed Stewart received the stolen items from 29 year-old Tanya Stisi of Rome.

An investigation involving multiple jurisdictions and six Central New York counties regarding several burglaries revealed that Stewart had conspired with a family member to remove, conceal and dispose of evidence related to the burglaries that was being kept at a rented storage unit. Police say this was tampering with evidence that could have been used in criminal proceedings.

Police say the evidence was given to Stisi who sold and disposed of the items for money.

Stisi was arraigned in the Village of New York Mills Court and remanded to Oneida County Jail.