Work hard, play hard is the motto at high-tech Syracuse company

Rounded is a creative design agency that builds mobile websites, websites, and mobile applications, specializing in user experience design.

Six of the seven founders are Syracuse University graduates and the average employee age is 28.

One of the founders, Eric Hinman, is the oldest employee at 32.

"I bring the age up. I'm 32. I'm one of the old ones," says Hinman.

For these young entrepreneurs, their motto is work hard, play hard. They have a play room inside their office which includes a hammock, a ping pong table, and a putting green.

Mobile app developer, Kevin McKinley, 29, says it barely feels like work.

'I probably work more hours now then I've ever done in the past but I feel like I'm just playing and having fun the whole time so I really enjoy it," says McKinley.

Syracuse has been the perfect environment to grow this start-up with access to a tremendous talent pool from the university.

"Some of the other advantages to the area are the low cost of living. For people to be able to start their careers here and live here, it's easier than in some places like New York City or San Francisco," says Hinman.

Its location in the Technology Garden in Downtown Syracuse is a prime example of the supportive atmosphere.

"It gives a place for like-minded individuals and companies to be in one area and bounce ideas off each other," says McKinley.

With its roots in Central New York, they're bringing young, creative minds together to foster fresh ideas and innovation. And they always make room for fun too.

Rounded is looking to hire three or four new designers this year.