Workout tips from Dewitt personal trainer who helped Miss America lose 60 lbs

Fitness tips from Miss America's personal trainer, Tia Falcone.

Personal trainer Tia Falcone called it from the start.

"I had to put her in my phone because she was going to be my client and I put her in as Nina Miss America so it's been a joke between us that from day one she had to win because I wasn't going to change my phone

," says Falcone.

It took grueling workouts with Falcone at her personal fitness studio, Tia Falcone Fitness in Dewitt, and a strict diet for Nina Davuluri to shed 60 pounds before she was crowned Miss America over the weekend.

To most, it's an impossible feat that Falcone witnessed firsthand.

"She took it on and did exactly what she had to do no matter how tough it got for her or how hungry she got," says Falcone.

Falcone showed CNYCentral's Dora Scheidell some of what it takes to get in shape Miss America style.