Worldwide shrimp shortage pushes prices through the roof

If you love shrimp, you may have noticed that the price has skyrocketed in the last year. In fact, shrimp has gone up $3 per pound over the past 12 months. This could point to a worldwide shrimp shortage, but whatâ??s causing it?

Imported shrimp seem to be the issue, with a bacteria sweeping through the shrimp farms in Asian countries, killing much of their crop.

After twice restocking the supply and having it die, farmers pinpointed the problem: the ground water was tainted. This has seriously affected the supply of shrimp.

The problem even seems to be affecting shrimp in U.S. waters.

Shrimpers are reporting that they are only catching about a fifth of the normal amount of shrimp they get out of the Gulf of Mexico this time of year.