Would you eat a burger on a donut?

The donut burger at the New York State Fair / photo by Niko Tamurian

Every year, the food seems to get more extreme at the New York State Fair. This year, one of the most talked about new items mixes breakfast and dinner into one... the donut burger!

The donut burger comes in at a whopping 1,500 calories. It's your standard burger, with a beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese, but instead of a bun, that burger sits between two halves of a glazed donut.

You can find the donut burger at the Big Kahuna food stand in the Times Square area. It will cost you $6.

So far, the burger has gotten mixed reviews from the CNY Central staff members that have tried it. Are you planning on getting one? What is your favorite extreme Fair food? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.