Would you have helped catch the purse snatcher?

Its no surprise that there's crime in Syracuse.

"Every single day I see someone arguing, fighting, pounding on someone and nobody stops; does anything or says anything," says Lynn Underwood.

But, yesterday was a different story. People sprung into action in a time of need when an 18-year-old reached into a woman's purse and stole her wallet. That's when one onlooker called the police, while another tossed coffee onto the thief.

Now in this particular case, the wallet snatcher was caught. But, we wanted to talk to the community. So, we hit the streets to see if they would have done the same thing to help that woman.

And, as you might except most said, absolutely.

"We need to come together as a community and one and show the ones that are wild that we're not going to tolerate this thing anymore," says Alice Bell.

"I would like to think that if that were to happen, I would have the courage to step up," says Josh who preferred to not share his last name.

Others say they would be skeptical because they didn't want to put themselves in danger. But, for Lynn Underwood, she was completely shocked people stepped up. Because no one was there for her.

"I have actually been attacked by young kids walking into the building and I've had to call the police because they jumped me. And, I can defend myself, but they're kids. They can't do anything," says Underwood.

While yesterdays situation showed the good in some, Underwood thinks this problem won't go away that easily.

"Everyone else either joins in or just turn the other way. People don't want to know anything, people don't want to get involved. Because they're afraid that they'll be the culprit," says Underwood.

But, the bottom line is, if you see something, say something. That's all that one can hope for. Especially for people, like Lynn Underwood.