Would you like this snowy job?

Cleaning off our cars after a snowstorm can be a bit frustrating, but what if you had to go to work and brush off 200 more?

"It makes you not want to go to work," joked Tom Gilbo, owner of Par-K Chrysler Jeep in Fulton. Employees spent 8 hours Monday clearing their lot.

It takes a good sense of humor and a lot of patience to clear off hundreds of cars, which are buried under more than 2 feet of snow. "We have about 250 cars here and we got half the lot done today. So it took us all day to get just half of it done. We wiped every single one of them off. You do your car at home and then you have hundreds waiting for you when you get to work," said Gilbo.

Snow brushes with long handles make reaching the top of the vehicles a little easier, but then you have to dig out the 30 inches of snow trapping the car, so you can move the vehicles one by one. It was a team effort Monday morning at the dealership. Because you can't sell a car, if you can't see it.

"We just have to deal with it. It's good exercise that's what I keep telling myself all day, it's good exercise," said Gilbo.

Par-K workers will be getting more exercise Tuesday. There are at least 100 cars in the lot still covered in snow, it will likely take another 8-hour day to brush off the entire lot.

Neighbors throughout Fulton doing much of the same Monday night, cleaning up after mother nature dumped a lot of snow.

Shawn Walberger was up before the sun trying to stay ahead of the storm with his plow truck. "Up at 4 am and I ain't been home since," he said. Walberger says the conditions Monday morning were brutal. "It was a white out, seriously a white out. A lot of people were stopped, people in the ditches."

What do you think of this winter weather? Are you happy we finally got some significant snowfall?