WSTM's DTV signal to go off the air

The federal government is ordering WSTM to change the broadcast frequency for its digital channels. As a result, the station must shut down its over-the-air digital broadcast signal to make the changes. Jim Marco, WSTM's Director of Engineering, says the process is complex and will take from Tuesday, June 9 through Friday, June 12. The shutdown will affect over the air digital 3.1 (WSTM), digital 3.2 (WSTQ) and digital 3.3 (Weather Plus) channels. If you are still receiving an analog signal, or are a Time Warner Cable or satellite customer, you will not see a difference. Some non-Time Warner Cable customers may be affected. As an alternative to digital, you can go back to watching over the air on analog. Your old rabbit ears or rooftop antenna will help bring in the signal. Some converter boxes have analog pass-throughs, so you don't have to unhook them. Once the upgrades are done, it's important that you re-scan all your digital channels to find WSTM's new frequency. The box will still read 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3, but it will be coming in on the new, federally mandated frequency. As always you can email or call 477-9400 during business hours for information. You can also check the DTV Answers page for more information on the digital conversion.