WTVH Outage Update

Thursday evening update:

Our engineers say they've fixed the transmitter, with the signal returning to the air at 7:30pm. It may still be another hour or two before Dish Network and DirecTV goes back to the normal HD signal.

Thursday afternoon update:

Our engineers tell us that they are 'reasonably confident' that the transmitter will be working tonight, in time for CBS prime time shows.

We will leave the signal on WSTM digital channel 3.3 in case something happens to go wrong overnight.

Thursday morning update:

An update on the WTVH transmitter repair progress: As of 9:15 this morning, t he WTVH transmitter is once again off. This is the final planned outage, and we are doing the last bit of cleaning and installation of new parts.

If all goes well, we will be back on mid-afternoon. A reminder that WTVH is still available on WSTM digital subchannel 3.3. This outage only affects over-the-air antenna viewers, and those watching on DirecTV. Cable viewers are not affected.

Wednesday afternoon update:

Our engineers tell us that the replacement parts for the WTVH transmitter mentioned below have arrived and have been installed.

The transmitter is now back on and operating normally. It will remain on until tomorrow (Thursday) morning, at which point it will again be turned off so more parts can be replaced beginning around 8:30. If all goes well, the transmitter will permanently return to service during the early afternoon on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Wednesday morning update:

Our engineers tell us that the replacement parts for the WTVH transmitter mentioned below have arrived. Our crews have shut down the transmitter once again to perform the repairs.

We will make every effort to have the transmitter back on permanently by 5:00 p.m. today.

Tuesday afternoon update:

Engineering crews have finished their work on the WTVH CBS5 transmitter for Tuesday. The team has had to order some parts to complete the repairs, which will be installed on Wednesday.

The transmitter is currently operational, and will remain on overnight. After the parts arrive, engineers will need to turn off the transmitter again around 9:00 a.m. Wednesday to complete the repairs.

Normal operation of the WTVH transmitter should resume sometime in the evening on Wednesday.

Tuesday morning update:

Beginning early Sunday morning, the over the air broadcast transmitter for WTVH CBS5 has been out of service. Our engineers have been working on the problem, and are close to a resolution. They are currently working on repair of the WTVH transmitter, which as of Tuesday morning is back online and operational. Continued tests on the equipment over the next couple of days could cause the signal to be intermittent from time to time.

We will update this story as soon as we have a better estimate of when normal operation will resume. WTVH remains available over the air on WSTM's digital channel 3.3.

Q. I only get WTVH in standard definition on DISH Network. When will high definition be available?

A. DishTV and DirecTV use over-the-air reception to pick up WTVH-HD. They will not be able to relay WTVH in HD until the transmitter is repaired.

Q. Why isn't the CW6 being broadcast in high definition?

A. CW6 is broadcast in SD on digital channel 3.2, and in analog on channel 14 (low power) in Syracuse. There is no HD over-the-air transmission of CW6, it is only available on Time Warner Cable channel 866.

DishTV has picked up WTVH from our temporary location on WSTM digital channel 3.3. DirecTV says they have also picked up WTVH's standard definition channel, but not HD.

For the most part, cable TV subscribers have not been impacted by the outage.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thenk you for your patience while we continue to work to fix the problem.