Yellow Dot life-saving program launched in NY

The NY Sheriffs' Association hopes New Yorkers post yellow dots on cars and front doors, to help rescuers with life-saving information.

A small, bright yellow dot is the latest way to clue first responders to medical issues, if you cannot speak for yourself in an emergency.

Here's how it works: You fill out a bright yellow and orange form that includes your name and picture, and phone numbers, list doctors, blood type and preferred hospital, plus medications, allergies and medical conditions. Add a picture.

To indicate you are in the program, attach a yellow dot (provided) to the passenger seat window behind the driver in a car, and put the paper in your glove box, and/or put a dot on or near your front door, with the paper (in a plastic bag) in the kitchen freezer compartment.

Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould says the program is being offered free, state-wide here in New York State by the Sheriff's Association, and the dots and forms can be picked up through county Sheriff's offices, or by requesting through the New York State Sheriffs' Association.