Yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks can save lives

There is a crosswalk on East Seneca Street in Manlius that is located in heart of the village. It's right by businesses like Bruegger's and traffic can get heavy.

Art Western and Jeff Fager use the crosswalk frequently because they are doing work on a building that overlooks the street. They are very careful when crossing and keep a close eye on drivers.

"They're not very nice about it, they honk, and usually don't stop," Western said.

Fager adds that drivers can often go fast.

"The drivers are just not paying attention enough or they're from a different town and they are not used to the stop signs," Fager says.

Two people are recovering after getting hit by a car Tuesday while they were in the crosswalk.

Captain Kevin Schafer with the Manlius Police Department say drivers need to pay attention and know the law.

"In New York State it's the operatorsâ?? responsibility to yield to any pedestrian in a crosswalk, even if that cross walk is not at an intersection," Captain Schafer said.

With school back in session now, police say it's especially important drivers are careful when going through crosswalks.

"In some of the schools here in the town of Manlius, there are kids who walk to school so crosswalks are clearly a concern," Captain Schafer said.

Police say while it's rare someone gets hit in the crosswalk, it can easily be avoided.