Young workers fear social media posts may compromise job prospects

Have you ever regretted posting something to social media? Recent studies show you may not be alone.

A survey found that about 29% of young adults, ages 18 to 24, say they are worried that items and comments they post on social media sites could jeopardize their current job or compromise future employment opportunities.

The fear of being fired or turned down from a job because of online activity has prompted 21% of young social media users to remove social media posts, the survey found. The survey also found that the majority of young users, 82%, pay at least some attention to their social media privacy settings.

A separate study found that approximately 8% of young job seekers, ages 16-24, have lost or missed a job opportunity due to their social media activity.

Just last week, a television reporter in Huntsville, Alabama was fired after she posted a list called "Confessions of a Read Headed Reporter" to her personal blog. Shea Allen initially removed the post, but later republished it.

Former New York congressmen Anthony Weiner resigned his seat in June of 2011 after admitting he sent lewd photos over Twitter.

Allen and Weiner are just two of many who have been fired for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, , and other social media sites.