Your blood type may make you more attractive to mosquitoes

The summers in Central New York are beautiful, and there is a lot to do outdoors. Many of us sit inside all winter dream about warm weather and a chance to get outside.

That being said, one of the terrible realities of Central New York summers is mosquitoes.

Do you find that you are getting eaten alive while the person next to you isnâ??t being touched?

The answer could be in your genes.

New research shows that your blood type may be the reason you are attacked by mosquitoes, while the annoying bugs donâ??t touch other people.

According to, people with Type-O blood are nearly twice as likely to get bitten by a mosquito as those with Type-A blood.

Additionally, 85 percent of humans secrete a chemical signature through their skin that the biters pick up on, letting them know what blood type you are. This signature acts as a neon â??openâ?? sign to blood suckers.

There are several other factors, including body size and metabolism, which attract mosquitoes.

Studies show that pregnant women attract twice as many mosquitoes as those who are not pregnant. Do you enjoy a nice cold brew by the campfire? You may want to abstain if you hate being itchy, because alcohol also attracts the biting pests.

You can read the full summary of the studies here.