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      Your bus stop forecast for February 6

      Body Of Web Story: Good morning! Here is a look at your forecast at the bus stop this morning: Temperatures : 0 to 9 for the Syracuse metro area and much of CNY. Some areas to the south and north are between -15 (below zero) and 0. Wind chills: Close to the temperature. Sky condition & precipitation : Mostly cloudy skies. Some scattered flurries. Check out Interactive Doppler Radar and Triple Doppler Radar.What should I wear outside?: A winter jacket will be necessary. You will also need to wear a hat and gloves or mittens. Of course, it is ultimately your decision on what you think you and your children should wear.Any notable driving conditions?: Watch for some leftover slick spots from yesterdayâ??s snowfall.Special concerns: None. Afternoon ride home on the bus: Temperatures will be between 15 to 20. Wind chill: 5 to 10. Clouds and breaks of sunshine. Wind will be W 5-12 MPH. The sun will set at 5:21pm. You can stay up to date with any severe weather with these links: -- Interactive Doppler Radar -- Triple Doppler Radar -- Lightning Strikes-- Watches/Warnings: (Make sure to hit the 'F5' key to refresh the page.) -- Follow CNY Central Meteorologists on Twitter : If you see a severe weather, damaging winds, hail, or flooding, please let us know on Facebook or by e-mail at weather@cnycentral.com or news@cnycentral.com .