Your bus stop forecast for May 2

Good morning! Here is a look at your forecast at the bus stop this morning:

: 40-49° for most of CNY.

Wind chills
: 37-47° for most of CNY.

Sky condition & precipitation
: Cloudy skies. There are sprinkles and showers heading towards our area again. The most consistent showers are just west of parts of CNY. You can see where it is right now by checking out Interactive Doppler Radar and Triple Doppler Radar. Eventually, these sprinkles and showers will pass into our area

What should I wear outside
?: You probably need a jacket this morning. You may also need an umbrella at some points today. Of course, it is ultimately your decision on what you think you and your children should wear.

Any notable driving conditions
?: None.

Special concerns
: None.

Afternoon ride home on the bus
: Scattered showers will hopefully become more isolated and may taper off as kids get off of the bus. Most places should hit 60°, Some spots could climb to as high as 65°. Wind: W 10-20 becoming WNW. The sun will set at 8:06pm.

You can stay up to date with any severe weather with these links:
-- Interactive Doppler Radar
-- Triple Doppler Radar

-- Lightning Strikes
-- Watches/Warnings: (Make sure to hit the 'F5' key to refresh the page.)
-- Follow CNY Central Meteorologists on Twitter:

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