Your chance to check out creepy crawly critters at Cornell

<font size="2">Insectapalooza, Cornell University</font>

What do bugs think about? Do they even think? If you have ever wondered about some of the creepy crawlers out there, you can get your questions answered at the 10th annual Insectapalooza at Cornell University this weekend.

The hands-on insect fair will take place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Comstock Hall. It features a collection of everything that creeps, crawls and flies. Thousands of insects from the good to the bad to the bugly will be on display. Cornell experts will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate and show off everything from butterflies to spiders. "Insectapalooza is not like a visit to a museum. You'll be able to see, hear and even touch many of the animals and displays," said Dr. Linda Rayor, senior lecturer in Entomology and Insectapalooza organizer. "This is a live, hands-on experience that is fun for the entire family."

The event is open to the public. The suggested cost of entry is $2 per person. Children 3 and under are free.

"Many of these animals are just gorgeous animals. butterflies, who argues with butterflies but once you get over the initial oddity of looking at a tarantula - a bunch of these animals are stunning," said Rayor.

The annual, one-day insect fair is hosted by the Department of Entomology at Cornell.

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