Your comments: Shock, disbelief and support amid investigation into doctor who delivered thousands of babies

As police focus their attention on Dr. Robert Neulander as they probe the sudden death of his wife Leslie last fall. Many who know the doctor are expressing shock, disbelief and anger over the details that have emerged so far. Police searched the Neulander's former home and the doctor's apartment in Syracuse's Hanover Square. The Central New York Jewish Federation indicates on its website: Bob has delivered more than 10,000 babies in his career so far. He founded Women's Outreach, Inc., an organization that has helped indigent women and children receive medical attention.

The news of the police searches broke first at where many people who have had contact with Dr. Neulander over the years are writing in to express their thoughts.

Kim Wiers wrote, "I had 2 C sections from Dr Neulander an he was the best Dr I ever had."

Nancy Beagle says Dr. Neulander saved her life, "by removing my uterus and cervix and the pre-cancer so I could stay alive and keep being a mom to my son. You helped me tremendously move on emotionally and physically and accept I could just have no more biological kids which I didn't like or want to hear or ever thought I'd get thru but I did because of u."

Antoninette Williams Peterson wrote that Dr. Neulander is responsible for her overcoming infertility, "Without Dr. Neulander I would have never been able to say today that I have children. He is a Dr. with compassion and heart. I truly cannot see this man who is so willing to help make a life just take it away."

Brenda Hamilton wrote, "No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors or in a family home except for the people that live there. There must be doubt about the cause of death if there is an investigation now."

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