Your reaction: Meghan MacMurphy's closes after 8 years in Liverpool

Liverpool staple Meghan MacMurphy's has closed its doors for good.

CNYcentral first reported yesterday that popular Liverpool pub Meghan MacMurphy's is closing after eight years.

The Irish pub and restaurant made the announcement on its Facebook page, which prompted comments from many sad customers.

Many of you shared your memories with us at about good times at Meghan MacMurphy's, and even older bars and restaurants that stood in it's place.

For Hope Zuccaro, the connection was very strong: "So sad! I met my husband there, he brought me back, proposed to me there in front of our whole family and just recently he had his stag party there before our wedding! Such a special place for us with wonderful people running it! Good luck with whatever your next chapter brings!"

Vanessa Cofini shared sympathy for the restaurants staff: "Very sad news, I hope the employees are able to find something, it's never easy to lose your job but even harder at Christmas time!"

"Oh my gosh, I didn't even know. Meghan's introduced me to some fantastic people, love you all," said Jenny Creno of Syracuse. And Rick Carlseco called it a "family."

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