Your town: What lurks in the Cicero Swamp?

Your town: What lurks in the Cicero Swamp?

CICERO, NY -- We usually only hear about the Cicero Swamp when it comes to spraying for mosquitoes.

But what else lies beneath the surface of the swamp?

We walked through parts of the swamp to learn about a rare endangered rattlesnake that lives there along with some other unusual species.

When you hear about the Cicero Swamp, you may think of one thing, mosquitos.

Or a scaly skinned creature.

"People are aware that there are Massasauga Rattlesnakes so they may feel unsafe or unsure to come out here, but they really don't have anything to worry about, said biologist, Tom Bell.

Even though the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes slithers around the swamp, Bell said it is poisonous, but the species is endangered.

It's location is hidden to keep it safe.

"A medium sized rattle snake, it's anywhere from 18 to 30 inches, it's in the pygmy rattle snake family," added Bell.

But this slithering snake isn't the only species you'll find here. After all, the Cicero Swamp stretches for almost 5,000 acres.

"You might not get to see the animals but you might see the tracks," explained Bell.

Along this trail, we found a variety of different frogs and toads.

"So they have the two little sacks on their back that are used to stop them [predators] from eating them, they actually have foul tasting fluid that comes out of them [the sacks] when a snake or something else bites onto them so that they can get away," described Bell, while holding the toad in his hand.

Many too quick for us to catch

The deeper into the swamp you go, you'll find trees of all ages.

The land is low and wet, mostly dominated by moss and rich soils.

Biologists have the job of recreating the swamp for each species to make it a more natural environment.

"Open areas like fields or different types of forests you might have a pine forest or an oak forest and try to put that around the landscape for the various different species," said Bell.

This blue ribbion indicates hunters were once here. On the look out for white tail deer.

"There's some flagging around a tree over here it's probably a hunter that brings in his tree stand," showed Bell, while walking through the swamp.

Besides its moist and muddy atmosphere, its ideal for trapping, fishing and bird watching.

These poles are signs that fishers stopped by for a catch.

"Early spring and early in the morning is a really good time to come here and birdwatch, there's a wide variety of of species in the swamp that don't really occur in a lot of areas around here different habitats there's not a big swamp like this in too many locations," added Bell.

So the next time you hear about spraying for mosquitoes at the Cicero Swamp, remember, this unique area has more to buzz about.

Just don't forget the bug spray.

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