Your vote does matter - Owasco supervisor race comes down to one vote

If you ever think your vote doesn't matter, think again. The race for supervisor in one Cayuga County town has tentatively been decided by a single vote.

The Cayuga County Board of Elections tells CNY Central that Democratic challenger John Socci has defeated Republican incumbent Edward Wagner by a single vote, 714-713, in the election for supervisor in the Town of Owasco. That gap was narrowed from a 621-580 lead that Socci held after initial votes were tallied on election night.

Democratic Elections Commissioner Katie Lacey says a recanvass of the vote totals taken from polling place machines will happen on Monday. That means the paper ballots that were entered at the polls on November 5th will be run again to ensure a correct count.

Lacey says all of the eligible absentee ballots have been opened. However, three ballots which had previously been challenged were not opened. Lacey says of those three, one voter was not registered and the other two ballots arrived at the board of election office unsealed. Lacey says election law states unsealed ballots can not be counted.

Lacey says neither candidate has indicated to her office that they plan to take any sort of legal action, though she says she "would assume the two candidates are looking at their legal options."