Your wake up forecast for February 20

      Good morning! Here is a look at your wake up forecast this morning:

      Temperatures: 17-33° across most of central New York. There is obviously a wide range of temperatures across our area this morning.

      Wind chills: 17-33°

      Sky condition & precipitation: No precipitation. When there is precipitation, heck out Interactive Doppler Radar to see it right down to street-level.

      Any notable driving condition issues?: ALERT: A combination of yesterday's melting plus temperatures well below 32° for many areas has led to water to re-freeze on untreated surfaces across our area. Expect icy patches and slick spots due to a thin film of ice that has formed. Parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, less used roads, hills will be at most at risk early this morning. Temperatures should get above 32° at or after 9am.

      Special concerns: See above.

      Afternoon plans: Temperatures will be 37-45°. Winds will be E 5-10 MPH. Wind chills will be between 30°s. Clouds thicken with rain developing from west to east through the mid to late afternoon. Sunset is 5:42 PM.

      You can stay up to date with any severe weather with these links:


      Interactive Doppler Radar


      Triple Doppler Radar


      Lightning Strikes: Lightning Strikes



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