Awards for our news team: Matt's Memo

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We have several ways to measure the quality of our work in the television news business. Topping the list is the internal satisfaction knowing you gave your all to each newscast or story. Knowing you informed the viewer, touched them or made them think in some unexpected way.

We also gauge the size of our audience with ratings. We work to deliver broadcasts that appeal to our loyal viewers and attract those looking to sample our journalistic effort.

Then there are awards. That's when our work is judged by our peers from markets outside of Syracuse and Central New York. This time of year is awards season. This is when we hear how we did compared to our competition. It turns out we have done well.

We just learned today about the New York State Broadcasters Awards. We were the only newsroom in the Syracuse area to win. Niko Tamurian returned to the winner's circle for "Best Sportscast" as seen on CBS 5 WTVH. And, our NBC 3 WSTM 11:00 pm newscast won "Best Spot News" for our coverage in May of 2016 of the Kirkville Brush Fire.

A couple of days ago our newsroom was honored with eight awards from the Syracuse Pres Club. We won't know until May whether our entries win first or second place. The honorees are:

  • SPOT NEWS: CBS 5 WTVH Spot News "Baby Maddox Found"
  • INVESTIGATIVE STORY: NBC 3 WSTM Matt Mulcahy and Matt Landers, “Metro Fence investigation”
  • “HUMAN INTEREST” FEATURE CNY Central, Niko Tamurian, “Winning the battle: The coach that couldn’t give up”
  • REGULARLY SCHEDULED SPORTSCAST CNY Central, Niko Tamurian, Matt Hauswirth and Justin Page, “Rivalry heartbreak in Manhattan”
  • REGULARLY SCHEDULED SPORTSCAST CNY Central, Niko Tamurian, “Marsh’s amazing return”
  • BEST WEATHERCAST NBC 3 WSTM, Peter Hall, “Morning weathercast from November 21st, 2016 - Big snowstorm”
  • ONLINE JOURNALISM CATEGORY, MULTIMEDIA STORY, Matt Mulcahy and Matt Landers, “Metro Fence investigation”
  • ONLINE JOURNALISM CATEGORY BREAKING NEWS Cnycentral, Staff, “The search for Baby Maddox”

In February we received good news from the New York Emmy Awards. We have three NBC 3 newscasts nominated in the Best Newscast category. The newscasts include our coverage at 5:00 and 5:30 pm of the Martin Street Fire on Syracuse's north side and the Discovery of Baby Maddox, plus our 11:00 pm coverage of the Search for Baby Maddox. Reporter Brandon Roth is also nominated for coverage of a trip to Africa to monitor the military's fight against possible terrorism.

The Syracuse Press Club Awards and the New York Emmy Awards will each be handed out on the same night Saturday, May 6th.

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