Dear Mr. President, signed Mr. President: Matt's Memo

You can picture the setting sometime in recent days. Late at night in the Oval Office. The 44th President of the United States, his work all but done. His staff has left for the day. He sits at the desk, pen in hand. A simple white stationery topped by the White House logo sits blank. He thoughtfully ponders the wisdom he will share with his successor. This is the connecting tissue that peacefully transitions one government to the next.

Here is what the outgoing President may have sealed and waiting for the next:

Dear Donald,

By now you have experienced the joy of Inauguration Day countered by the weight of the office you now hold.

Few of us in our nation's history have held this privileged position. Remember, while the tough calls will fall on your desk you must rely on a strong team to reach the best solutions.

Keep your focus. Don't let the day to day hinder your view of the horizon.

Michelle and I wish you, Melania and the Trump family happiness in your new home.

On your path to success please know I offer my continued counsel.



We won't likely see the contents of the actual note for another four or eight years. Check the links below if you'd like to see what recent Presidents have written to the next.

Letter from President Bush to President Clinton.

Letter from President Clinton to President Bush. Letter from President Bush to President Obama.

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