NY Emmy Gala, WSTM with four nominations: Matt's Memo

Megan Coleman and Matt Mulcahy with Emmy for Best Newscast 2016, WSTM. (CNYCentral)

The women will elegantly wear sparkling cocktail dresses and gowns. The men will don black tie. The room will fill with the din of clinking glasses, excited conversation and the buzz of the start of the Emmy gala in Manhattan.

The Marriott Marquis in Times Square is once again the host location. This is the 60th Annual NY Emmy awards. Aside from the anchors, reporters, producers and photographers of the television news industry there will also be a handful of celebrities who will present the awards.

The celebrities include actor Danny Aiello of Moonstruck, Do the Right Thing and the Godfather II. Also, Alan Cumming of The Good Wife and Broadway shows such as Cabaret. Sami Boyle from Blue Bloods will present a special award to WCBS-TV which is celebrating 75 years on the air.

The majority of the nominees go to New York City based networks like MSG and YES and the broadcast stations from the New York City market. Megan Coleman and I will be attending along with reporter Brandon Roth representing the four nominations for WSTM this year. As we arrive in midtown Manhattan we start out by saying "it's an honor to be nominated." It truly is. Then we keep fingers crossed that we get to carry home a gold trophy along with the thrilling memories of being part of this distinct occasion.

We will post on Twitter and Facebook Saturday night in addition to to let you know how our news team does.

Best Nighttime Newscast (we have 3 of 6 nominations in this category)

NBC 3 at 11pm: Maddox's Father in Custody. February 22, 2016.

(WSTM-TV). Rae Fulkerson, News Director; Matt Mulcahy, Anchor/Managing Editor

NBC 3 at 5PM & 5:30PM: Maddox Found. February 23, 2016.

(WSTM-TV). Rae Fulkerson, News Director; Matt Mulcahy, Anchor/Managing Editor

NBC 3 News at 5:00PM: Martin Street Deadly Fire. May 6, 2016.

(WSTM-TV). Matt Mulcahy, Anchor/Managing Editor

Military Reporting (Brandon Roth has 1 of 5 nominations in this category)

Mission to Africa: The New Frontline on the War on Terrorism. February 9, 2016.

(WSTM-TV). Brandon Roth, Reporter

Watch the live stream of the NY Emmy's from 7 to 11 pm Saturday, May 6th. Or catch it on Facebook Live.

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