Oscar the Dachsund left in the dumpster: Matt's Memo

Oscar, the five month old Dachshund, was found by a nearby man who heard the puppy crying for help after being left to die in a nearby dumpster.

Oscar the dog looks so adorable you have to wonder how anyone could harm him. We listened tonight to the Utica Police dispatch call. "Caller's next door say dog in dumpster, dog in a bag." states the dispatcher. "Dog trying to get out, but unable to get out of the bag." Police responded. The caller had already found the dog. It was not only in one bag. It was in two.

When police arrived the dog was freezing. His tongue was purple. At five months old, the puppy had likely spent a good five hours in the bags, in the cold and in the dumpster.

An astute 911 operator made a critical connection that helped police track the people responsible for abandoning the dachsund in the dumpster. At about 6:00 a.m. That same day a caller to 911 told the call taker they could no longer take care of their puppy. They didn't know what to do. Six hours later the report of the crying puppy came into the Oneida County dispatch center.

The CNYSPCA has taken the dog. Oscar is doing well after just a few days of recover. Utica Police ticketed two people for abandoning their pet. The last case of a dog being abandoned alive in a dumpster goes back eleven years, according to the SPCA.

The struggle to care for a pet can be a burden to a household without the means to properly care for a dog or cat. That's part of the reason we started the Shamrock Animal Fund seven years ago. We help pay for veterinary care for animals in need that have owners with financial limitations.

Part of the requirements to receive assistance from Shamrock is the pet owner is responsible for at least half of the veterinary bill. In other words, Shamrock helps pay for the care. It does not write out blank checks. Pet owners do need to understand the commitment it takes to care for your animal. Shamrock works to alleviate some of the despair that can be overwhelming.

Abandoning your dog is not on the list of options anyone should pursue when feeling there is nowhere to turn. It would be better to contact animal control, your local SPCA or Humane Society or even a veterinary office. The person on the other end of the phone may not offer an easy path to surrendering your pet, but in the end they will offer an option with a much better ending than a dachsund being bagged and abandoned in a dumpster.

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