President Trump's address to Congress: Matt's Memo

President Trump walked into the chambers of the House of Representatives tonight with a widening gap between Americans who approve of the job he is doing and those who disapprove. The disapproves are 6.7% higher than the approves. That is the largest gap he has faced since he took office. When the President walked out of the Capitol that gap had closed.

We won't know for certain for a few days, but the President known for straying from the teleprompter, stuck to the script. The President known for attacking the media, left that assault outside. The President known for late night Tweeting, carried a presidential presence.

Pollster Frank Luntz worked a focus group for CBS News tonight:

The president needs to improve his popularity with more of America if he is too carry the political clout needed to accomplish some of his goals. It's not enough to keep looking back to the November victory. If politicians on Capitol Hill see the public does not support President Trump they will not feel compelled to implement his legislative ideas.

All you have to do is monitor social media for an hour or two to see the continued political divide. Trump supporters can't understand those who disagree. Those who disagree can't understand why someone favors Trump. But, there is a group of voters who find themselves in the center of the polarity. They are the ones with the open mind willing to give President Trump a chance, but holding a short leash if his actions don't take the nation in the right direction.

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