The craziness of concert tickets for Paul McCartney: Matt's Memo

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is coming to the Dome. Tickets go on sale Monday. Simple, right? Not when you realize tickets really go on sale several days before. The first seats were sold first thing this morning. That's five days before the general release of tickets to the public.

I went to Ticketmaster this morning to see whether I could get a reasonable seat at a modest price. Keep in mind concert tickets are outrageously expensive. I warmed up by clicking on the Front Row VIP Package. For only $2,000 per ticket I could not only feel Paul McCartney's sweat coming off the stage but I could also get an commemorative lanyard to wear around my neck and a chance to rub elbows with other fans in a special pre-show gathering. Other packages in the first few rows ranged down from four figures into the high three figure prices. All you needed to purchase these seats was a deep pocket.

The more affordable options were set aside on presale day for members of the Paul McCartney fan club and American Express card holders. There was no indication you really had to be in the fan club, but you did need to have the right alphanumeric code. Just minutes after the fan club sales were up they appeared to be sold out. Major fans started to complain via social media. It looked like bots or brokers bought them up to quickly resell at a profit.

American Express card holders were now getting their shot at buying seats some for more others less than $100. Those seats started to go, but lasted longer into the morning.

The rest of this week other groups will be invited to join in the adrenalin rush of online ticketing. People with ties to Syracuse University such as faculty, students and supporters of Orange athletics will have an array of choices. This is all happening before the announced public sale that begins Monday, May 1st. The university promises each reveal of tickets to a new group

Millions of dollars will be spent by the capacity crowd that will fill the Dome on that Saturday night in September. By then the anxiety over purchasing tickets will have passed. McCartney and his high end bandmates will play everything you need them to play, plus a few newer ones to keep them interested. 35,000 people will sing "Let It Be" or "Hey Jude" in unison under the leadership of one of the all time great songwriters and performers. By then any seat in the Dome will be worth a million bucks.

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