Airline gives 7-year-old Cincinnati girl to wrong parent, who spent time in prison for kidnapping her

Angelina Butler

A Cincinnati man is trying to get his daughter back after a mix-up at Houstonâ??s airport.

The 7-year-old was flying as an unaccompanied minor, but was turned over to her mother-- who just got out of prison and shouldn't have custody of her.

"This is bringing up feelings he never experienced before," Umeka Lewis Piccolo, an attorney representing the father, told WPEC.

Kiante Butler flew his daughter Angelina on Delta Airlines as an unaccompanied minor last week.

She was picked up by a relative, but not one who is supposed to have custody of her. Angelina was greeted and taken by her mother, 39-year-old Jennifer Lopez.

"This is very difficult for him because when he last saw Jennifer he was attacked," Piccolo said.

Butler, who lives in Cincinnati, still struggles with the injuries from the last time he saw the mother of his child. He walks slowly with a pronounced limp.

Butler says that six years ago Lopez and several accomplices beat him severely and kidnapped Angelina and another child.

Lopez went to prison and was released early in March.

The airline handed over Angelina to her mother even though another relative was on the unaccompanied minor list to pick up the child.

Butler didn't even know Lopez had been released from prison.

"Delta has pretty much admitted that their policy has been, has not been followed and at this point it's just a matter of Mr. Butler trying to get his daughter back," Piccolo said.

A Delta spokesperson says the airline is "conducting its own investigation into what transpired at Houstonâ??s George Bush Intercontinental Airport last week. Delta's unaccompanied minor handling protocols are thorough and we will be looking to see if procedures were properly followed in this instance.â??