Authorities in Boston trying to track down 'serial tickler'

Authorities in Boston are looking for a suspect in a strange string of break-ins, and itâ??s no laughing matter.

Police are looking for a man they are referring to as a â??serial tickler.â?? The break-ins are in the Brighton neighborhood, with homes on Foster and Kirkwood road being targets, according to WCVB.

One of the residents reported hearing his roommate scream in the night. The roommate reported feeling his foot being tickled, and when he woke up, he saw a man crouched over his bed. The victim reportedly screamed and kicked at the intruder, who ran.

The resident told the Boston Globe that he and his roommate did not go after the tickler. He apparently came in through an open door.

Another victim reported a similar incident on the Boston College campus a few weeks ago.

Police are concerned because the assailant wears a ski mask, but does not steal anything. He apparently only enters the homes to tickle people and then leaves.

Boston Police are looking for clues based on the fact that all the victims were men.