Authorities: Tenessee man dismembered woman, ate part of her torso

Lisa Marie Hyde

A Tennessee family is horrified as they find out more information about the man who is accused of killing, and eating, Lisa Marie Hyder.

The 36-year-old mother of six lived near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her ex-husband says she met her suspected killer, Scott Hale, at a liquor store the day she was murdered.

Scott Hale is in custody, and his friends say Satanism may have played a part in the murder. Court documents say Hale cut off Hyderâ??s head, hands and feet, and then ate part of her body.

The arrest warrant says Hale confessed to killing Hyder, beheading her, and cutting off her hands and feet. The warrant also says Hale put body parts in plastic buckets.

He then allegedly buried the torso in a burn pile at his home, but not before eating part of it.

Lisa's ex-husband Charles Hyder lives in Dunlap, Tennessee. On Monday investigators told him she was dead. "When he told me what happened, oh my God, I collapsed. I just couldn't believe it," says Charles Hyder.

Charles says Lisa Marie called him Friday afternoon, shortly before she met Scott Hale at a liquor store.

Charles says Lisa had struggled with alcoholism, a problem that had only gotten worse after her recent diagnosis with ovarian cancer. "We didn't want her going this way, you know what I mean, I mean this is awful," says Charles Hyder.

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News is also learning more about Scott Hale. At one time he worked for a Coffee County meat processor. An employee says he was a strange man who would take animal bones and eyeballs home with him.

Lisa Hyder's ex-husband Charles says her youngest children are just three and one years old. He says his little boy asked to call his mom Monday night. Charles told him she has gone to heaven.