Boston bombing aftermath: Matt's Memo

Suspected bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

Any measure of fear would have peaked in the hours immediately following the two explosions in Boston near the finish line of the marathon. In that moment we wondered what was next. We wondered who was attacking. We wondered where else a conspiracy or plot might lead.

It was much like September 11th. When the first plane, then the second and then the Pentagon created a string of concerted attacks that made our world shift.

Boston is different. But, in those first few hours we did not know that. In the subsequent days we hypothesized about who could commit such acts. Homegrown or foreign? Disgruntled or radicalized? Solitary actor or conspiracy?

The fear that peaked Monday afternoon and evening, spiked again during the intensity of the Thursday and Friday evening chases of the brothers Tsarnaev. The release of the photos and video smoked out the brothers suspected of the bombings. Concern over public safety elevated and then eased upon their death and capture.

Our best information today is different than what most thought in those early hours. It seems the brothers worked together, but not with anyone else. It seems a belief and connection to radicalized Islam motivated the older brother. Despite being born in Chechnya the two men had mostly lived in the States.

Their bombs were not terribly sophisticated. The get away plan was even less involved.

This story has once again ripped off America's scab of bigotry and bias. We are quick to condemn groups of people when one or two people commit terrible acts. In our newscast tonight one of the faithful at the Islamic Center in Syracuse told us he hoped when the bombs exploded that it would not be a muslim. He did not want to face fresh criticism over a religion that most consider centered in peace.

If we are to believe the evidence, the charges, the digital images and all of the other indicators this terrorist attack was committed by two brothers out to make a statement. We are relying on our government to ferret out any others, but that track appears cold.

Our fear has eased. The pain will go on for those injured and the families of those killed.


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